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Osteoma is a benign slow growing bony growth typically occurring in skull or jaw bone. Most commonly facial osteomas arise in paranasal sinuses mostly fronto-ehmoidal sinuses and can cause ophthalmic symptoms. An 18 years old male patient presented to us with complaints of swelling of left upper eyelid and bulging of left eye. CT scan showed left sided fronto ethmoidal osteoma with extensions into nasal cavity and nasolacrimal duct. Patient was managed by left medial orbitotomy with growth excision from nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses. The microscopic examination favored osteoma. Osteomas most commonly affect the fronto-ethmoid sinuses. Traditionally osteomas on histological analysis are classified as eburnated (ivory), fibrous, and mature. Computed tomography is very important in the evaluation of bone extension of the tumor and also the site of origin. Treatment is surgical excision.  Osteomas of paranasal sinuses are usually asymptomatic. If they become voluminous, they can lead to orbital manifestations. The rarity of fronto-ethmoidal osteoma with orbital growth made our case interesting to report.

Key Words: Osteoma, Orbit, Ethmoid surgery.