• Muhammad Younas Combined Military Hospital Multan (National Institute of Medical Sciences) Pakistan
  • Aamir Nadeem Combined Military Hospital Quetta (National University of Medical Sciences) Pakistan
  • Mohsin Hussain Combined Military Hospital Multan (National University of Medical Sciences) Pakistan
  • Hamid Iqbal Combined Military Hospital Multan (National University of Medical Sciences) Pakistan
  • Shagufta Sheikh Combined Military Hospital Malir Pakistan
  • Kamran Afzal Combined Military Hospital Multan (National University of Medical Sciences) Pakistan


Objective: To evaluate various abnormalities of semen and their association with seminal fluid leukocytes among infertile couples.

Material and Methods: This descriptive cross-sectional study done at Department of Pathology in CMH Multan from 1st Sep 2019 to 30th May 2020. Total of 326 semen samples were received and analyzed. Sampling technique was non-probability consecutive sampling. These tests were advised by their clinicians/ consultants or out of their self-awareness of semen analysis importance. Sample of semen was collected by masturbation. The samples were kept at 370C for 30 minutes for liquefaction and were examined within 1 hour. 

Results: Subjects in study were between 20 to 50 years. Duration of their marriage was as; 213 individuals (65.3%) were between 1-5 years and 56 individuals (34.7%) were between 6 to 15 years. Out of 326 semen samples following results were revealed; Oligozoospermia 9 (2.8%), Asthenozoospermia 80 (24.5%), Oligoastheno-zoospermia 76 (23.3%), Azoospermia 10 (4%), whereas 161 cases (49.4%) had semen essentially within normal limits. Hypospermia was seen in 24 (7.3 %) of patients & hyperspermia was seen in 5 (1.5%) of patients while 297 (91.2%) had normal semen volume. Pus cells were found in 64 (19.7 %) patients. Significant motility abnormality was seen in patient with >5 pus cells in semen (p <0.05). 

Conclusion: Semen analysis among infertile couples revealed that 50% of individuals have abnormal semen parameters. Increased leukocytes count in semen is associated with sperm motility issues contributing to infertility. 

Key Words:  Semen analysis, Spermatozoa, Azoospermia.