41st Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists & 6th Joint International Conference of Societies of Pathology
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Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi Pakistan



Pakistan Journal of Pathology (Pak J Pathol)



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With great pleasure I welcome you to the special abstract supplement of Pakistan Journal of Pathology, an official journal of Pakistan association of Pathologists. All the abstracts submitted for the 41st Annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists and 6th international joint conference of societies of pathology are included in this volume. Articles not accepted for oral presentation will be presented in poster format at the conference venue. Each abstract has been assigned identification number for archive and retrieval for reference.  The articles have been grouped according to various disciplines of Pathology. The 41st Annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists and 6th international joint conference of societies of pathology will be held at Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP) and Pearl continental Hotel Rawalpindi Pakistan on November 9 – 10, 2018. Preconference workshops are planned from 6th November to 8th November 2018. A total of 18 workshops will provide rich opportunities for the participants to get hands on experience on NGS and other advances in the field of molecular pathology in the context of various disciplines of pathology. The main theme of 2018 conference is “Advances in molecular pathology- an insight into precision medicine”.

Pakistan Association of pathologists provides a common platform for all the disciplines of pathology to collaborate, interact and develop the culture of collaborative research. During the annual conference renowned scholars will present and share their experiences with the colleagues and students. This year the conference will provide a unique opportunity for authors and participant to network and interact with the experts in relevant fields.  The idea of this conference is to further foster the culture of learning, research and collaboration among all the disciplines of Pathology in Pakistan.

The team at AFIP Rawalpindi look forward to enthusiastic participation by all the pathologists. We wish all the success to societies of Pathology during the conference to achieve their professional goals. We invite and welcome junior pathologists from all over the country to join the Pakistan Association of pathologists.